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Akilah Flynn

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Integrative Wellness Life Coach 

Akilah is the Founding coach of Xolistic Wellness, which means she wears many hats to carry out its mission and vision. As a coach she creates spaces for people to heal and transform, and as a founder she is dedicated to bringing more coaches together to support the holistic needs of all.

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Interested in working with me? Request a free 20 minute  consultation.

Akilah is an Intuitive Healer, Certified Integrative Wellness Life Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner, and Founder of Xolistic Wellness, who is dedicated to creating safe, non-judgmental, and empowering spaces for people to heal, transform, and awaken their highest potential. As a healer and coach, Akilah is known for her ability to help others achieve greater awareness about the meaning and purpose behind their existence, while also empowering them to take bold and intentional steps towards healing and creating holistic balance in their lives. Recognized as a Heart Doula, she passionately serves as a catalyst for mending hearts to elevate souls, empowering minds, and equipping people with the essential tools to achieve a fulfilling life of balance, prosperity, and holistic wellbeing. Akilah is also the Founder of En the Garden - Nayked Alchemy, a growing global community that seeks to encourage inner healing within the lives of all womxn of color, while empowering them to embrace their authentic truth, and leveraging their wounds to obtain the fulfilling life they deserve and desire. Akilah’s work is led with empathy, care, passion, and is intuitive in nature.

Akilah's Services

Akilah’s sessions have been a truly eye-opening and life-changing experience. She’s provided me with fresh perspectives and techniques I could use to manage the ebbs and flows of my depression. I feel that working with Akilah has made me a much healthier person and I now feel more equipped to tackle life’s challenges with a calmer heart.

Emily L.

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