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Corporate Workshops

Wellness Integrations is a growing demand for corporations and institutions who wish to scale. We provide a range of wellness workshops designed to help you elevate your corporate culture, boost employee morale, and drive productivity by Integrating Wellness Practices into your organization. Each workshop is dedicated to help employees create greater work-life balance, encourage holistic employee development through leadership emotional intelligence training, and to equip them with the soft skills needed to foster a positive environment of mental health in the workplace.

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I really benefited from this experience, and I believe these workshops for the office should be implemented in all work spaces.

- Employee Review


of employees said that workplace stress leads to health challenges

Individuals with high emotional intelligence are 75% more likely to be successful in their careers


of full-time employees in America do not have a work-life balance

Out of 155,00 leaders, only 22% were found to have strong emotional intelligence

More than 55 hours a week at work increases the risk of anxiety and depression by 1.66 times

Employees with emotionally intelligent managers are 4x less likely to leave their jobs

Our Workshops

During the wellness workshop Akilah taught us how to hold space for our colleagues, as well as the benefits. We did an individual exercise, which was purposed to help us learn how to hold space for ourselves, as well as gain greater awareness about our mental and emotional wellbeing; and afterwards we paired in groups of two to practice holding space for others. She also taught us the importance of being empathetic without judgment. It was great to engage with co-workers about our personal well-being and mental health. It really put into perspective that we are all people and not just co-workers. I would like to continue these workshops regularly to encourage a healthy work life balance. I believe this workshop should be required, especially for anyone at the manager level and up. I believe if my superiors had taken this workshop they may be more capable of helping the people below them grow and feel accepted at work.

-Wavemaker Global Employee

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